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Business Continuity

Limit the impact of incidents and guarantee your business continuity.

ICT developments offer your organization new opportunities. But new opportunities inevitably bring new ICT challenges and threats. Physical threats such as fire, power outage, water damage or problems with hardware, but also new digital threats such as data loss or cybercrime. These threats pose a real risk to your business continuity, with all its (financial) consequences.

Unfortunately, (security) incidents and other calamities can never be completely prevented. However, with the right measures you can effectively limit the impact and guarantee the accessibility of your organization and the continuity of your business processes.

At KPN, we offer three major solutions for this: intercepting malicious network traffic, securely backing up crucial data and quickly get your organization back into business with Disaster Recovery measures. By unburdening you with these suitable solutions, you can safely focus again on your core activities.

Our Services

Back-up Enterprise

Back-up Enterprise

With Back-up Enterprise from KPN we take care of your backup and we provide all professional services needed to unburden your organization in the daily management and in case of any disasters.
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

KPN offers a variety of Disaster Recovery measures to limit your downtime and to restore your IT systems as quickly as possible, such as fallback locations for your systems.
Business continuity consulting

Business Continuity Consulting

Looking for the best measures to guarantee your business continuity? Let the experienced consultants of KPN advise you and guide you with the implementation and testing if needed.

The most important advantages of KPN Recovery Services:

  • You are back in business as soon as possible after an incident, due to this turnover and productivity decrease and damage to the corporate image stay limited to a minimum.
  • After a serious incident your employees are productive and reachable again as soon as possible thanks to all of our continuity locations throughout the Netherlands.
  • We can accommodate your crucial IT-systems in one of our highly secured datacenters. This way the continuity is guaranteed.
  • We operate platform and supplier independently whether it is about HP, IBM, Dell, Unix, Linux, Microsoft, VMWare and more.
  • A solution which has a scalability and flexibility that goes further than only the systems. Think of Storage, Firewalls, Mobile Continuity Center and Tooling.
  • Optimally equipped fall back testing center in which your Disaster Recovery plan can be tested extendedly, if necessary with the help of our DR experts.

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