Continuity in the Cloud, with Connectivity Across the Country

KPN Business Continuity provide a comprehensive range of easy-to-implement backup and disaster recovery services. Anton Rietveld, Commercial Product Manager, sets out some of the solutions the team will be presenting at Neutral Peering Days

Both Sides of the Cloud

Customers don't want to take any chances when it comes to business continuity. A good choice of turnkey solutions is key, so we provide everything from licence to storage with multiple backup software vendors to offer pre-packaged solutions. We also offer total disaster recovery as a service. We replicate the environment for the customer so if their service goes down they have a failover version and they can spin up a replica immediately. And we even provide location as a service, offering backup workspaces including telephony for businesses in case of fire, power failure, act of terrorism or flood. What we generally do is sit down with a customer and agree critical applications and service and define RTO (Recovery Time Objective). We then pick the mix the customer needs from our portfolio of services. The cloud creates specific needs. One of our most recent solutions is called Backup Enterprise. This can back up the whole of a customer's hybrid cloud, public as well as private. This hybrid product is proving very popular as more and more businesses are running a hybrid architecture and they appreciate the public cloud backup, they love the fact that it is a complete cloud solution.

Backup via NL-ix Fabric

This summer we partnered with NL-ix to make the backup process even better by using the whole NL-ix fabric for our business continuity portfolio. We set this up with NL-ix because they can connect customers beyond our reach to our services very quickly due to their data center spread across the Netherlands and their low latency, resilient interconnection fabric. Say we backup an enterprise service and the customer wants an offsite backup, in our own certified data center, say in Aalsmeer. If the customer infrastructure is in a non-KPN data center, say in Breda, we set up an NL-ix connection to carry the data. This can be done very quickly and significantly improves the ease of use and price point for our service. In the old scenario customers had to buy a connection from their location to the KPN data center. The new partnership means it's faster and less expensive, the quality is high and the implementation timeframe is excellent. Since we can now use the NL-ix network, we can offer our services to a much broader audience. It's a pleasure to work with a partner who understands the business, acknowledges customer interests, and collaborates with us to achieve solutions quickly. We are looking forward to talking about this and other security topics like the Dutch Continuity Board at Neutral Peering Days.